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Deep drawn metal parts are created using a single metal blank, not a repeated course of metal blanks as is typically the case with traditional metal stamping. Examples of deep drawn metal parts are baking and muffin pans, aluminum cans, light reflectors, jet engine components and automobile oil filters.

Deep Draw Stamping Produces Strong, Quality Metal Parts.

Deep draw stamping offers several advantages in the fabrication of metal parts over other techniques, such as molding, casting and traditional machining. For one, deep draw stamping makes economical use of materials, minimizing waste. The deep draw process allows manufacturers to use the minimum amount of material necessary, preventing valuable materials from being wasted and thrown out.

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Most people choose aluminum material deep drawn or stamping to form their required shapes or dimensions reason is their weight only 1/3 density of steel. Now aluminum parts applied to many industries, such as aerospace, medical, electrical automobile, building doors and windows, kitchen parts. The detailed reasons I list as follows:

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